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Who or What is NO FORMULA?


No Formula is based in Yorba Linda , California (Orange County).

Performances can be sought and found in the Southern California area.

This band of comprised of two live guitar players and one recorded drummer. You may want to read that first sentence again.

Live performances include a visual experience.

Lead guitar, sometimes bass player, and vocals is Robert Crosby the driving force of the band. He has by far put the most into the group, and deserves the blame. Robert can run a pool table.

Lead bass, sometimes guitar player, and vocalist Adam Swingler is the impatient voice who delivers a performance worth a second or two of your time. Adam can swim in water.

Recorded drum tracks are compliments of Mike Burton who tolerates the crazy rhythms of Robert and Adams minds and puts a beat to them. No Formula would not be possible without Mike Burton, and we are fortunate to be able to work with him.

Contributing song writer and lyricist, Daniel Broadhead spearheaded the project directly and indirectly. What we mean by that is that Dan trail blazed a direction that no one else could really follow. We are only able to grasp a small margin of his artistic greatness. Those who know Daniel well sometimes call him, "Slurp god."

Rock. It's what we do. You may think you know, but you are wrong.

You will discover the noise and try to anticipate the next note. You will be wrong.


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